Shelby Oaks: A Horror Feature Film From Chris Stuckmann

Based on the Paranormal Paranoids internet mystery, SHELBY OAKS is Chris Stuckmann’s chilling feature film debut, produced with the support of 14,000 backers in a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign.

Pre-order this exclusive supporter’s edition to get your name in the credits plus exclusive physical merch and Blu-ray special features.

The supporter’s edition Blu-ray (or DVD) comes with the two posters, script (digital), soundtrack (digital). The exclusive Blu-ray features we’re working on include:

  • Extra-long behind-the-scenes feature (an extended version of the 100+ minute spoiler-free BTS provided online when you order)
  • Special feature with Chris talking about his journey making the film
  • Commentary tracks
  • Special feature on the ARG and the Paranormal Paranoids origins

This material is only being made available to supporters who support the campaign by ordering this special edition – it won’t be available anywhere else!

Day 1

Here’s what some of our Kickstarter backers had to say about the behind-the-scenes content:

“The BTS was really high quality and it shows how it’s not some afterthought thrown in to try to appease backers who pledged to get it. It’s a legit ‘perk’ filled with some real behind the scenes stuff. Getting to see the location parts was amazing and made me even more excited.” – William S. on Kickstarter

“The first BTS video was excellent, and makes me even more excited for what’s to come. Keep up the great work!” – Matt D. on Kickstarter

“Just want to say how unbelievably impressed I am with the constant updates, behind the scenes shorts / photos and work that’s going in, not only on the film but keeping us informed and in the loop. You’ve managed this perfect tightrope of teasing and not giving everything away.” – Dogman on Discord

If you didn’t join the experience earlier, it’s not too late! Order this supporter’s edition today and you’ll receive access to the spoiler-free BTS videos through the Shelby Oaks discord.

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About Shelby Oaks

Set and filmed in Ohio in partnership with Paper Street Pictures, Shelby Oaks will be Chris Stuckmann’s directing debut and first feature, based on an original script also written by Chris. With a recently announced partnership with Mike Flanagan and Intrepid Pictures and an upcoming festival premiere (more details soon), we’re incredibly excited about what the future holds for Chris and Shelby Oaks!

Shot as a traditional feature, but with some elements of found footage, Shelby Oaks is a horror film about missing paranormal investigators (the paranormal paranoids), the dark legacy they uncovered, and the far-reaching effects their investigation has as Mia searches for her sister Riley, the lead paranormal investigator, 12 years later.

As Mia uncovers new and disturbing leads related to Riley’s disappearance, she uncovers evidence of a hidden supernatural evil dating all the way back to her and Riley’s childhood.

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